Real Life Experiences.

We want our visitors to know that nearly all of the data that we receive on our website is from either a real-life experience or some form of deep research relevant to us as humans. So far 5 members on this forum have engaged with at least one form of UFO encounter at some point. This is why we want to fully make our points clear as to why we express our beliefs within astrology and god. To us, these are the driving forces of our behaviors and decisions. Our relationship with God and spiritual beliefs.

The origin of our research.

The earliest form of these universal experiences dates all the way back to the early 1600’s. This was back in England when people started noticing these objects in the sky that they first thought were some sort of ghost flying in the sky. Back in those times, all people knew was ancient folklore so that was how they identified these objects. The more studying they did on the shape, size, and appearance of these objects, the more they became something more, something unknown.
Today, this is what we identify as a UFO. According to ufo stands for some type of object seen in the sky that has no explanation for it. By definition, that’s exactly what it is. So at this point, you can ask yourself, what does it mean to you? To us, a sighting of a UFO is something much more than a random object in the sky. It’s something that is a sign. Something that has a meaning to human life, and the way we should live as a people. We believe in religion, and we believe in the ancient gods and eternal health. Furthermore, we believe that by getting a true understanding of these objects, that we will create a better life for ourselves.

The Different types of gods.

How does god tie into all of this? Well, first we must begin with the fundamental beliefs of each of us a human and why we stand for what we do. In India, they worship the god Shiva. In Christianity, they believe in Jesus Christ. This is what puts us in the middle as a group. We believe in the god of Ormus, which was a great figure in the times of Egypt. Whatever god that you choose, keep in mind that could be a huge deciding factor as to what you end up doing in your life.

Choose to what you believe.

Before we get to choose what to believe in life, we must first be aware of all the life forms around us. Many people think that there is only one form of life on this planet. What they call “Being Human” The more research you perform on this website, the more you will find the true awareness of different life forms out there. Each study has an individual benefit of its own. Each one can bring you a better life and better health, once you come into true awareness with this subject. We want everyone to understand that you need to take the time to read the information that you find. You need to fully engage with this understanding so that you can better yourself. We aren’t telling you what to believe in your life, instead, we are telling you to raise the awareness and bring more curiosity in your life. In the future, we will discuss our findings and bring them into the discussion as often as we can. Thank you for your time.