Welcome to the group

We would like to welcome you to our home at Centro UFO logic. The research we investigate has to do with modern UFO sightings and the study of astrology as to how they relate to the gods of the universe. In our lifetime, there is a fundamental gap between what we may know as a human species and what we do not know. On our page, you will find many different articles about our sightings and what our team has been saying. When we are talking about these UFO sitings, especially in Mexico, we must understand that these are more than just merely UFO sightings. There is something more. We believe that there is a correlation between aliens, astrology and the gods…

Understanding UFO Sightings near Mexico

Most of the UFO sightings in the near Mexico have increased since the year 1950. It has been growing at an exponential rate every single day. Most of the sightings found have been linked to Area 51, which is located in Lincoln County, Nevada. Click here to find more information on Area 51. As this location isn’t able to be found on a GPS map, we believe that this is a good place to do research on when joining our forum. Most of the concepts we have researched have been developed from this location and also enable us to list our metrics as to what we have found. It is important to understand the basics of these sightings because this will help bridge that gap between the gods of the universe and the astrology that binds them together. When first researching this topic, most people have a very close-minded attitude because they only believe in what they see. However, we do have evidence from specific planes that have flown over this area providing us with images a documentation of their findings. You will find the majority of this information on our research page within our website.

How astrology is important to us

The earliest form of gods around the time the pyramids of Egypt were created was found to be artistically drawn on the walls covered in gold. These gods represented the 12 months of the year. These gods were ranging from images of kings and queens to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and the gods of Greece. In those times, they would keep track of their time and days in the form lunar relative to the sun and the moon. This information can be followed back all the way to the times of Babylon. It is important to understand these concepts consisting of the stars and the universe. There were 5 total gods in all. Their names were Plato, Marduk, Zeus, Ares, and Ormus. People at that time had no choice but to only believe in their god. In fact, if you did not worship your god on a daily basis, you would either get imprisoned or killed. As this is a very unfortunate matter, it is important to understand the basis and history of these times, as it will further relate to the research found on this site.

Our Mission

We will continue to provide our research on these UFO sitings and how they could be a historical answer as to what gods are relevant and to find the actual truth behind god and the solar system. Is there other life forms out there? If so, are they aware of our existence? What message are they trying to relay to us? Most of these answers will be studied as often as possible. We want to engage with our audience and build further on this topic. Once we learn to understand the concept of true awareness, we can then make a choice for true change in our lives, and in our beliefs.