Astrology Introduction

Understanding Astrology

The main concept of astrology is to fully understand that the relationship of the planets (relative to their rotation) could possibly dictate our internal characteristics even before we are born. For example, if your zodiac sign is a Libra, this would mean you were born in the month of October and have a specific set of guidelines that are congruent with your characteristics and actions. If it weren’t for the sun and the moon working in tangent, these signs would not exist. However before we begin this lecture, a full list of zodiac signs can be found here.

The Gods Of Greece

In total there were 12 Olympian Greek gods. The first was named “Zeus” As he was considered the god of the gods. The second god of Greece was named Hera, she was known as the “Queen of the gods.” As these two were considered the most important of the two gods, they were also accompanied by 10 others. As we will not go into much detail of the others we will list their names accordingly.

1. Poseidon
2. Hades
3. Hestia
4. Athena
5. Artemis
6. Apollo
7. Hephaestus
8. Ares
9. Hermes

As these gods were associated with the ancient times of Greece and Babylon, we must also understand their relationship to the gods of Egypt because those gods trace back even further in time. To understand astrology, it is important to know our god’s history. When we relate back to the ancient times of Egypt and the pyramids of Giza, we have to ask ourselves a specific set of questions. Why were the god’s so scared at this time? What were the underground tunnels underneath the pyramids?

Ufos In Iran.

It has been found that the Republic of Iran has been a victim of several UFO encounters within the past few years. This republic is also known as Persia, which lies in between Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Since this country is quite corrupt, it is difficult at times to receive proper information on UFO encounters and experiences. From my personal experience, I knew a friend who was visiting this country and hadn’t found anything besides protests and political oppression. However, this isn’t something that should stop us from investigating the full potential of alien UFO’S within the region.

The connection between Aliens, Spiritual beliefs, and our lives.

This is a topic we must always bring up. What are these species? Why are they here? Once we truly understand the other forms of life out there, we feel that we can get to know ourselves better and understand how we can incorporate these matters into our own hands. If it wasn’t for the god’s and religion, ancient societies would have been corrupt years ago. On our website, you will not find us ever “Bashing” Religion. In fact, we see nothing wrong with religion. In our opinion, religion is a good thing to study. Religion is based on the concept of morals, values, and gratitude. These are great things for societies to grow and prosper. We highly promote these concepts, as we will do further research on the gods in a future post.

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